4 Tips to Choose the Right UPS Backup System

December 7, 2016
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Power surges are a threat to appliances everywhere. A power strip can protect those computers in your office from being fried. However, when your power goes out and your system suddenly crashes, that doesn’t protect your information and files. That’s where a UPS backup system can come into play. Here are four tips on choosing the most effectiveUPS backup system.

Why Do You Need It?

Protection against line voltage, brownouts, blackouts, and other power supply issues are all situations that require the need for a UPS backup system. These are scenarios that a power strip cannot protect against. A UPS unit helps to keep your equipment running as if it were a laptop with extra energy attached to it, providing you enough time when the power suddenly dies to save any last minute changes to your work, and then to shut down your computer effectively so that the sudden shutdown does not cause any damage or file corruption.

How Much Power Do You Need?

There are UPS units that are small and simple, meant to be used with a personal desktop. Then there are UPS units that are built to support multiple units for business and office settings. Before deciding on the unit that’s right for you, it’s important to consider how much power you’ll be using and therefore how much power you’ll need for the computers and equipment that you have.

How Big of a Unit Do You Need?

The basic minimum of UPS unit power that you need to allow you to shut down your computer or your computers will determine the

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What Is the Difference Between UPS Units?

There are three basic types of UPS unit for you to choose from. The first is a Standby UPS unit, which charges its battery and then waits patiently for a drop-off of the main power source to kick in, automatically switching your device to its battery backup. Then there’s the Line-Interactive UPS unit. This type is similar to the Standby

For more information on finding a UPS backup system that’s right for you, it may be best to contact a UPS provider that sells, offers rentals, and has experts on hand to offer advice more specific to your needs.