Emergency Backup Generator Rental


Facility Gateway is your one-stop-shop for critical power equipment. We now offer UPS ‍and Generator Rental Services to help you avoid costly downtime in a pinch. Whether you need a UPS System on a temporary basis, for use during a specific project, or for use during disaster recovery efforts, find out how FGC's UPS and Generator Rental Service has the unique solution for you and your data protection needs! 

UPS and Generator Rental Includes:

What does all of this mean for you? Emergency generator rental is a way to fill an unexpected need, one that could be the difference between vital data saved or accidentally lost. Our team understands the importance of information, one of the world’s most valuable commodities today. Instead of losing all of that data in a flash of light and a stroke of bad luck, our emergency power solutions are here to get you through in a pinch—which means protecting your reputation with your customers and business affiliates. Well-preserved and protected data paints a trustworthy picture of your company to others, and we want to help you protect that reputation.

We work alongside businesses during the industrial generator rental process so they get the products they need, understand how to implement them, and get full use out of them without losing data. Our team is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance and direction that you might need, whether for a little peace of mind or for help navigating a particular backup puzzle. That means you aren’t left alone to your wits with a fear of losing sensitive data, but that you have an arsenal of our knowledgeable and dedicated teammates there to back you up in a pinch. Browse all available products now!