Emergency UPS Rental


Do you require an emergency generator, backup generator, UPS power backup system, or an industrial generator rental for your IT needs? Choosing a UPS or backup generator can mean the different between 100% uptime for your facilities, or a temporary loss of power, downtime, or a loss of critical data. We care about your mission critical facility, your IT business goals, and preventing any operation downtime that could be detrimental to your business bottom line.

Facility Gateway--your one-stop-shop for critical power equipment--now offers UPS and Generator Rental Services to help you avoid costly downtime. Whether you need a UPS System on a temporary basis, for use during a specific project, or for use during disaster recovery efforts – find out how FGC's UPS and Generator Rental Service has the solution for you!

We are pleased to consult with you on all matters of UPS power backup systems or generator installation and rental, and will strategize with your IT business strategy team to find the best possible solution for your needs. We will work to ensure that your budget is not exceeded, your risk is low, your satisfaction is high, and your goals are exceeded—not only with our customer service and expertise, but with our UPS backup systems, generator rentals, or installation.

Rental includes:

Contact the professionals at Faculty Gateway Corporation to learn more about ouremergency generator and UPS systems. We are eager to help you with your IT and critical facility needs, and help you maximize efficiency so you can focus on more important business matters. Browse our offerings today!