Why Backup Generator Rental Is Essential During a Crisis

December 9, 2016
Electric outlet

No matter what part of the U.S. you live or conduct your business in, at some point, an emergency will occur and a loss of electrical power is likely. Power failures result in a loss of revenue, but for some operations, they can cause threats to the health and physical welfare of those who depend on you.  

As the infrastructure in cities across the country ages, the likelihood of power failures and momentary circuit interruptions increases, with higher numbers of outages due to weather and aging service equipment. Brownouts are more common, which may not be considered full power failures, but can adversely affect equipment that relies on electrical power and cause service interruptions for your operation. In the U.S. alone, power outages cause an estimated $150 billion loss to the economy annually.

To avoid the disruption of their operations, businesses, manufacturing, and industrial plants, as well as human care facilities should have a backup plan in place should there be a major blackout or other disruption of electrical power service. Commercial generator installation is an option. Protecting your power supply through an uninterruptable service protector system, or UPS, should be implemented by large-scale and small businesses alike; however, studies indicate that only 60 percent of businesses do so.

Emergency generator rental is a viable option during a crisis. Experienced providers, such as UPS Rental, have the capabilities to respond quickly across the nation, and to offer a variety of volt ampere levels and on-site solutions to address power loss. A provider should also have the option of stand-alone systems, as well as trailer-mounted generator systems.

Power plug

Security Systems

In most businesses and industrial settings, security is crucial. From surveillance cameras and video recording to intrusion detection, it is imperative to protect your business interests during power outages or system failures. POE cameras—power over Ethernet—should also be protected.  Security monitoring is essential for secured facilities and those businesses that must practice loss prevention during a crisis.

If your company relies on security measures to protect your customers, employees and inventory, backup generator rental is a great option during a power failure.

Communication Systems

There is perhaps no other time when ongoing communication is as important as it is during a crisis or emergency situation. Whether it is a temporary power outage or a large-scale catastrophic event, it is essential that a company maintain its communication capabilities. An on-site UPS can remedy the issue quickly and preserve the ability to stay in contact with key facilitators. Telephone systems play an integral part in emergency communications, but require electrical power. UPS generator systems can maintain functionality of telephone systems through application on the main controller system and on individual stations as well.

A high-quality commercial or backup industrial generator rental can prevent major monetary losses. Look for a provider who offers customizable options for backup generator installation and has nationwide service capabilities.